***Registration deadline has been moved to April 24th!!!

***Event Details: Sunday April 28th, from 1-6pm in the Freeman Athletic Center at Wesleyan University***

March 29th: Typhoon, P.J. Jewelers, Perk on Main, Froyo and Navy’s Nail Salon have all donated gifts cards for the raffle!

March 7th: We are excited to announce Mondo, RJ Julia Bookstore, Moonlight and Hachi have donated gift cards to be won in this years raffle!

March 3rd: Two tickets to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been added to the raffle!

February 21st: 5 members of the CCC team toured the Middlesex Health Center to learn more about the Schultz-Witkowski Fund, how the hospital’s cancer center works and to meet with the head of fundraising at the cancer center!

February 12th: The first donation for this years CCC was received!

February 11th: The first team officially signed up! We are looking forward to many more teams registering!